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5. Why Customer Reviews are divided in 3 sections?

 Those are the reasons why is the criteria list divided in 3 sections "Yacht", "Charter Base" and "Destination":
a) The overall rating value of a customer review should reflect the sum of all positive and negative experiences during the cruise. This requires to include service criteria that lays beyond the sheer charter services (e.g. environment, hospitality of people or infrastructure).

b) Customer ratings are always subjective but nevertheless should be as focused as possible.

c) Criteria thematically not belonging together should be rated separately in order they not get mixed up (e.g. cleanliness of the yacht heads and cleanliness of sanitary units at the pier).

d) Subtotal rating values for Yacht, Base and Destination allow customers and operators to distinguish better the satisfaction about service groups.

e) Charter operators do not suffer an individual advantage/disadvantage from ratings for services they are not directly responsible for (e.g. Destination) because this applies to all ratings in their region.
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5. Why Customer Reviews are divided in 3 sections? - Yacht-charters