What are the quality classes?

YachtCheck® provides a 5-star quality classification for yacht charter services. Each additional star represents a higher quality standard.

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Intention & Perspective

The suggested 5-Star Quality Certification shall have the following impact on the yacht charter industry:

  • Making quality visible
  • Capture marketing profiles
  • Enhance safety and comfort
  • Achieve customer satisfaction
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Raise charter sales of operators
  • Secure return on investments

The quality stars will provide the subscribers valuable marketing power that will allow to differentiate their charter services from competitors.

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5-Star Quality Classification Summary

Economic Operator (1-Star)

Operator provides basic organization facilities for check-in and check-out of the chartered yacht. Yachts having all essential insurances, indispensable basic equipments for a cruising journey and are in good working order and condition. Clients appreciate competitive price and are prepared to neglect comfort and higher operator services.

Requirements for Economic Operator

Standard Operator (2-Star)

Besides matching quality requirements for the Economic Operator, charter base has a local check-in desk or office next to the charter pier and charter payment security is available. Charter yachts having at least standard equipment and offer basic comfort. Clients appreciate good standards and qualified operator services of a lower price range.

Requirements for Standard Operator

Advanced Operator (3-Star)

Besides matching quality requirements for the Standard Operator, charter operator provides advanced charter base related services. Clients will take advantage of competent staff and quality management. Yachts are in good and well maintained condition and offer enhanced equipment which allows comfortable cruising. Clients appreciate enhanced operator services and yacht equipment standards in a middle price segment.

Requirements for Advanced Operator

Superior Operator (4-Star)

Besides matching quality requirements for the Advanced Charter Operator, charter operator offers superior boat and travel services by highly professional staff. Stable quality during the season is guaranteed by separate maintenance checks before each charter cruise. The charter base environment provides separate sanitary units and further client services. Charter yachts are in immaculate condition, interior and equipment will stand high comfort expectations. Due to high service and maintenance efforts combined with superior equipment standards, charters of four star quality range within upper price categories.

Requirements for Superior Operator

Premium Operator (5-Star)

Besides matching quality requirements for the Superior Operator, charter operator fulfils highest international service and quality standards at the charter base and on its yachts. While cruising, bareboat charter clients can expect 24 hours itinerary assistance and additional travel services guaranteeing the most thinkable safety and comfort available in the market. The yachts are perfectly equipped and maintained - offering premium comfort and interior style. Five star yacht charter services are designed to fulfil expectations of prominent client groups that are prepared paying highest rates for an exceptional and outstanding cruising vacation.

Requirements for Premium Operator
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