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YachtCheck® - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can subscribe to YachtCheck®?

  • A YachtCheck® quality certification can be achieved for yacht charter companies and their local charter bases (operators).
  • The focus of the recent quality requirement catalogue is on bareboat charter fleets and crewed charters for yachts up to 55 feet lenght. Those yachts can still be handled by leisure skippers and are therefore mostly chartered without additional skipper/crew - therfore also called bareboat charters.
  • Yachts over 55 feet generally have a professional skipper or crew. For these crewed charter yachts there is no certification standard existing yet.

2. What are the requirements for a charter company?

  • In order to apply to YachCheck® please read the Classification and then the Quality Requirements.
  • Please estimate which level of quality class your charter opertor(s) is qualified for.
  • Operators have to hand over the YachCheck® Charter Review Flyer to their clients. Clients will complete the review form either online on www.yachtcheck.com or can complete the review form manually and fax it to YachCheck®.
For subscribing to YachCheck® requirements, proceed the following steps:
  • Goto Subscription page and download subscription form.
  • Please complete subscription form for your charter operator(s) and fax it to YachtCheck®.

3. Where will the Quality Rankings be visible?

  • For each qualified charter operator there will be a YachtCheck® Certification Dokument issued that should be posted on the local charter office and its distribution branches.
  • YachtCheck® issues Quality Star Medals in form of Icons that should be posted on all marketing media.
  • The awarded Quality Stars and Charter Reviews can be visible on all YachtCheck® partner websites.
  • The awarded Quality Stars and Charter Reviews will be visible for all agents using the login to YachtSys® system also in the agency login to Booking-Manager.com from MMK Systems.
  • Further it will be shown on most websites of agents who have integrated the YachtFinder®.

4. How can I write a Charter Review?

You can edit your charter review by simply navigating to the Charter Review page and fill out the online form. The form enables you editing your ranking for the chartered yacht, the responsible operator and the cruised charter destination. It also allows writing positive and/or negative comments about the chartered yacht, the operator and the destination. The form is accomplished by your charter party's profile.

Write a Charter Review: Go to the Charter Review Online Form

5. Why Customer Reviews are divided in 3 sections?

 Those are the reasons why is the criteria list divided in 3 sections "Yacht", "Charter Base" and "Destination":
a) The overall rating value of a customer review should reflect the sum of all positive and negative experiences during the cruise. This requires to include service criteria that lays beyond the sheer charter services (e.g. environment, hospitality of people or infrastructure).

b) Customer ratings are always subjective but nevertheless should be as focused as possible.

c) Criteria thematically not belonging together should be rated separately in order they not get mixed up (e.g. cleanliness of the yacht heads and cleanliness of sanitary units at the pier).

d) Subtotal rating values for Yacht, Base and Destination allow customers and operators to distinguish better the satisfaction about service groups.

e) Charter operators do not suffer an individual advantage/disadvantage from ratings for services they are not directly responsible for (e.g. Destination) because this applies to all ratings in their region.
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